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East & Gray Interiors offers two unique design services for clients Full Service Design and Simply Design (online design), also known to some as virtual design, online design or e-design. But how do you know which of our design services is right for you? 

Well to start things off, the design development and creation phases are the same for both services. We put the exact same energy, care and thought into your designs with both services. 

The main difference between these two offerings is what happens after the designs have been developed and approved and the project moves into the project management phases. Will East & Gray Interiors (EGI) handle the project management – purchasing, implementation & installation – phases of the project for you, or will you handle the project management phases on your own (with our guidance!). 

Full Service Design – we handle the full project for you from start to finish. Includes developing a beautiful, functional and complete design plan for you AND handling all of the project management which includes purchasing, implementation and installation of everything for you. Higher investment level.

Simply Design – we handle the full design of your room(s), you then handle all of the purchasing and implementation of that design plan on your own with your own contractors and trades. Includes EGI developing a beautiful, functional and complete design plan for you – inclusive of a shopping list with links to all items in the design, handy guide with recommendations for installation and set-up, and a follow-up call one week after the design plan has been delivered so you never get stuck.  We develop the full design and empower you to execute it on your own! Lower investment level.

Keep reading to learn more about the differences between each design service and which one aligns with your interior design goals!



What is Full Service Design?

Our Full Service Design is a turn-key experience, and the perfect solution for those who want to remodel their current home, are planning to build a new home, or are wanting to redesign several rooms at once AND have East & Gray Interiors manage the entire process from start to finish. Our 5-step design process seamlessly guides clients, contractors, and vendors through a home remodel and design from concept to completion. We take the lead on your home design, digging deep to get to know you and your family so that we can create a customized, intentional design for your home.

As experts in the field, we’ll take you seamlessly from the beginning of your project to the end, with clarity, confidence, and ease. We’ll save you time and keep you from making costly mistakes, all while creating a unique and healthy living environment for you and your family. 

What is Included:

Our Full Service clients have access to in-depth features including:

  • Deep Dive Interview to talk through your vision and explore possibilities for your space
  • On-Site Measurements & Photos so we can create furniture plans and room layouts
  • Detailed design presentations and drawings
  • Sourcing, Selection, and Proposal of all furniture, fixtures, and materials
  • Total customization (furniture, fixtures, remodeling, and more)
  • Detailed Design Presentation with samples, swatches, and detailed drawings
  • Coordination of Professional Tradesmen so you don’t have to worry about finding your own trades
  • Project management
    • Order Management and frequent updates so you always know the status
      • We purchase and track all goods to our white glove receiving warehouse where all items are inspected for any damage or defects and then stored until all items have arrived and the project site is ready for installation of fixtures and furnishings.
      • File claims and resolve deficiencies on your behalf. Should any items arrive with any damage or defects we handle the claims process for you and resolve the issue either with a new replacement piece or with repair, depending on the extent and type of damage/defect.
    • Implementation which includes:
      • Communications (meetings, phone calls, emails)  with contractors, trades, clients to ensure construction and installation of fixtures and finishes are happening in accordance with the design plan.
      • Problem Solving – should issues arise once demo and construction begin we resolve these issues for you and quickly and proficiently adapt the design plan as needed, preserving it’s integrity, beauty and functionality.
      • Coordinate delivery of all fixtures and finishes purchased by EGI on your behalf for contractors and trades to install.
      • Accessories procurement – we source all accessories & decor for each room to fully pull the whole design together.
    • Seamless Communication & Project Documentation 
      • via our private client portal, which can be accessed 24/7
      • Via weekly update emails – sent every Friday with status & progress updates on your project 
    • Installation which includes:
      • Coordinate delivery for all furnishings once construction is complete and home is clean and prepped for installation.
      • Installation, Styling and Accessorizing of all furnishings and decor so each space is perfect. 
      • Identify and resolve deficiencies
    • Final Reveal – when you see everything together for the first time in all its grand glory!
    • Photography – the day following installation we will come back to photograph your newly completed space to document for both you and ourselves your beautiful new home!
    • Detailed Project Manual that includes full project details, product warranties, and information on how to care for your new space


Full Service Design is an investment! Design Fees for this service start at $6,000 per room and we require a minimum furnishings investment of $25,000 per room. 

This service begins with a $497 2-hour in-home Initial Consultation. During this time we’ll tour your home and discuss your needs, wants and vision for each room. We’ll take notes, and gather the additional information we need to prepare a custom design proposal for your project. 


Full Service Design projects take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to complete. The exact timeline is dependent upon the size of the project and the timeline of both the contractors schedules and product lead times/supply chain.

What is the Full Service Design Process?

Learn exactly how our Full Service Design process works from start to finish in our detailed post here

Is Full Service Design The Right Fit for Me?


Still have some questions about our Full Service Design offering? Visit the Full Service Design page on our website and scroll to the bottom and review our FAQs section. 

Does Full Service Design sound like the perfect fit? 

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What is Simply Design (online design)?

Our Simply Design Service offers the same quality of design as our Full Service Design offering. We put the exact same energy, care and thought into your designs as we do for our full service designs.

The difference comes in what occurs after your designs are complete. Once we have fully developed your custom designs we hand over to you a fully button up design plan for you to execute on your own (with guidance!) with your own contractors and trades. 

Simply Design is accessible to clients anywhere in the US or beyond, as all of our work together is conducted virtually, online. You work exclusively with me, Andrea Durcik, Owner and Principal Interior Designer at East & Gray Interiors, through our refined online design process to achieve a beautiful and thoughtfully planned space.

We create the complete beautiful and elevated design for you, you then make it a reality in your home!

Note to Local Clients: if you are local to the greater Columbus, Ohio area, you have the option to add the following services to your Simply Design project.

  1. We can come and measure and photograph your space for you.
  1. We can provide you with a list of our preferred local contractors and trades for you to contact to hire (if you choose) and manage on your own. 

What is Included:

Our Simply Design clients have access to the following features:

  • Room Measuring Guide – Follow our step-by-step instructions to measure & photograph your room so we can provide furniture selections that will fit your space.
  • Concept Moodboard – A visual presentation that sets the design direction and shares initial furniture selections to help us get aligned with the vision for your space. This will be presented & reviewed during our Project Launch Call.
  • Project Launch Call – Conducted via Zoom or in your home (if local) so we can share your moodboard and clearly identify your needs & desires for your space.
  • Detailed Design Plan, to include:
    • Furniture Floor Plan – A scaled drawing of your room with selected furniture perfectly placed.
    • Product Selection – Selection of sustainable furniture, finishes, décor, lighting, ready-made curtains/shades, and paint color recommendations for the room (as applicable).
    • 2D Design Board – A visual representation of all the furniture, décor & design elements we have selected for your room. This may include furniture, rugs, lighting, draperies, pillows, wall art, mirrors, and limited accessories.
    • Shopping List – A list of all the items presented in your design board with detailed specifications & direct clickable links for purchase.
  • Design Support, to include:
    • Execution Guide – A guide walking you through how to purchase and install the items in your design plan 
    • 60 Minute Follow-Up Session with Andrea – Conducted via Zoom where Andrea will answer any remaining questions and wrap up the project with you.

Our partnership throughout the Simply Design process will ensure you end up with a perfectly executed design you love! We make sure to guide you every step of the way!

What is the Simply Design Process?

Learn exactly how our Simply Design process works from start to finish in our detailed post here


Simply Design requires a more modest investment level compared to Full Service Design. Design Fees for this service start at $3,500 per room. 

While we do not have a required furnishings investment minimum with this service, we do recommend being prepared to invest a minimum of $20,000 per room, if we are planning on purchasing all new furnishings for the room. In our experience it is very difficult to fully furnish and accessorize an entire room for much less than this at our recommended minimum quality standards for furnishings. 


The total timeline for the design process takes approximately 3 weeks. 

  • We schedule your Project Launch Call / Concept Design Presentation for 3-5 days after we have received your payment of our Design Fee and signed our Terms of Agreement 
  • The Detailed Design process then takes 1-week to complete AFTER we have had our Project Launch Call. 
  • Within 1-week after your complete design plan has been delivered we have your Follow-Up call to wrap everything up and answer any questions you may still have so you can move on to purchasing and installing everything!. 

The timeline for purchasing and implementation is dependent upon how quickly you order everything and schedule any construction/trade work that may be required. It, of course, is also dependent on your contractors schedules and the lead times for products. 

Pro Tip: Given the current climate with supply chain issues, long lead times and items getting discontinued with little notice, we strongly recommend that you start purchasing and installing your project as soon as you receive your final design package. Furniture and finishes are subject to change quickly, therefore the availability of them may only be for a certain length of time. We wouldn’t want you to lose out on the perfect piece you love because you may have waited too long to purchase and the item is no longer available. And fun bonus – the sooner you finish your beautiful new space, the sooner you have it to enjoy and love!

Is Simply Design The Right Fit for Me?


Still have some questions about our Simply Design service? Visit the Simply Design  page on our website and scroll to the bottom and review our FAQs section. 

Does Simply Design sound like the perfect fit? 

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