The East & Gray Interiors Simply Design (Online Design) Process


Craving a refresh but feeling unsure where to begin? Pulling together a cohesive, one-of-a-kind design can feel overwhelming — with countless companies selling furniture and decor, never ending color and texture options, not to mention your well-loved pieces you want to display in just the right way, it’s no wonder it’s stressful. That’s where the East & Gray Interiors Simply Design Process comes in!

Our refined online design service, called Simply Design, carefully guides you to implement a custom room design with ease — at your own pace, as your budget allows, and with confidence. You’ll work exclusively with Owner and Principal Interior Designer, Andrea Durcik, through a process that gives you a beautiful and thoughtfully planned home.

Keep reading as we share our process for Simply Design which is great for both local and distance clients! Our 5-step design process seamlessly guides you through a room redesign from concept to completion.

Keep reading to discover the East & Gray Interiors Virtual Design Process!


Complimentary Design Discovery Call – We begin each new project with a 20-minute, complimentary design discovery call! We’ll talk through your overall design goals as well as project specific details including:

  • What you like and don’t like about your current space,
  • Your current style vs. your ideal style, and
  • Your investment plans.

We’ll also provide timeline details based on the scope of the work ahead. In general though the timeline for the design of one room is 3-4 weeks from onboarding to completion! Clients love this service because of the quick turnaround time on their designs, which allows them to start implementing and then living in and enjoying their new space quickly!


Client Onboarding – Following our Discovery Call, we’ll provide our Terms of Service Agreement and invoice for our design service fee.

Once you have signed the Terms of Service Agreement and payment has been received, we’ll send you an official welcome email! This includes a Welcome Guide along with your Design Homework. Design Homework includes: :

  • Completing your design project questionnaire
  • Measuring your room(s) and any existing pieces you want to include in the design, using our Room Measuring Guide
  • Sending us inspiration images for your space(s)
  • Sending us photos of the room(s) we will be designing

Your Welcome Email will also include a link to schedule your Project Launch Meeting where you and I, Andrea, will meet via Zoom.

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Project Launch Meeting for Simply Design– You will meet with me via Zoom on the scheduled day and time of your Project Launch Meeting. We will talk in depth about your project and your completed design homework. I will also present your design concept which includes:

Floor Plan / Layout We design and draw the ideal floor plan for your room(s) to ensure the best possible layout for each room and the overall project. This is a fundamental element of our design process, as it allows us to design your home in a way that is functional for the exact way that you live, and is where we always start with any design. Our floor plan will include furniture placement and dimensions.

Moodboard Next, we create a moodboard to help guide your design. Moodboards are visual tools that include images, materials, and more to communicate the overall concept of your design. Designing this board is the first step in the creative design process and helps us visually represent how we envision the final design. This ensures we are all on the same page and have the same understanding of the direction for the final design.

1-2 Initial Furniture Selections These initial selections will ensure we are on the same page for style and comfort of the pieces. You’ll have an opportunity to voice any preferences you may have regarding materials, colors, etc so that we can ensure each piece suits your personality and lifestyle! We evaluate every sourced item against the following criteria: 

  • Dimensions – Will it fit in the space? 
  • Style – Does it exemplify your personal design style? 
  • Price – Does it fit the agreed upon investment amount? 
  • Quality – Based on the investment level is it the highest quality we can get?
  • Lifestyle Fit – Will it be functional for your lifestyle? (i.e. children, pets, etc.) 
  • Lead Time – When would it be delivered? Does the wait make sense for your completion goals?

Following this meeting, we will begin crafting your Detailed Design Plan, which will be perfectly tailored to you!



Creative design begins! At this point, we’ve met to ensure all of our design goals are aligned and now we’re ready to move into the creation phase.

Sit back and relax while we do all the work on your design! We give careful attention to every space we design, making sure each project is a true reflection of our client, while also fitting the bones of your home and the physical dimensions of the room.

Timeline for Simply Design– This process takes approximately one week per room. As soon as your design is ready, you’ll receive your final Detailed Design Plan which includes the following:

  • Furniture Floor Plan – A scaled drawing of your room with selected furniture perfectly placed.
  • Product Selection – Selection of sustainable furniture, finishes, décor, lighting, ready-made curtains/shades, and paint color recommendations for the room (as applicable).
  • 2D Design Board – A visual representation of all the furniture, décor & design elements we have selected for your room. This may include furniture, rugs, lighting, draperies, pillows, wall art, mirrors, and limited accessories.
  • Shopping List – A list of all the items presented in your design board with detailed specifications & direct clickable links for purchase.
  • Execution Guide – A guide walking you through how to purchase and install the items in your design plan. 


We’ll guide you every step of the way. With a scheduled 60-minute follow-up call to use within 30 days after the delivery of your Detailed Design Plan you’ll never get stuck in the process. During this call Andrea will address any questions related to your design, purchases and/or execution, and will wrap up the project with you. Our partnership throughout the design process, along with our Execution Guide ensures you end up with a perfectly executed design you love!

A GIFT THAT LASTS A LIFETIME – It’s time to settle in and enjoy!! Congratulations—you’ve invested in yourself and your family, and the final result is a refreshed home that’s truly your own. One that reflects your personality, supports your lifestyle, and sparks joy every single day. We hope that this new design inspires you to be the best version of yourself, and allows you and your family to firmly root yourselves in all your wonderful uniqueness and celebrate that every day. We hope that “home” now means something much deeper. 

Even though the design journey has come to a close, your new home’s journey is just beginning. Go ahead and schedule that party! Invited your loved ones over and celebrate all that is to come! 

Thank you for allowing us to be part of the story of your home. Xoxo!!

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