Why We Love Sourcing Vintage & Second Hand Pieces for the Home


An exciting thing is happening in the design world: more and more people are understanding the benefits of sourcing vintage and second hand items for their homes, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! There are so many reasons why this is a smart move: it’s cost effective, better for the environment, and connects us with unique, one-of-a-kind pieces we otherwise would have never found. We’re here to share some of the reasons why we love sourcing vintage pieces for the home.

Keep reading to learn our top six reasons why we love to source vintage and second hand items in our interior design projects.

1. Add Historic Grandeur

Historic bathroom - vintage and second hand pieces for the home
Image via LivingEtc.

If you’ve been to Europe, you know the striking appeal that beautiful old stone structures can have. Discoloration from years of battling the elements, grandeur, and raw textures give depth and life. This stunning entourage of history comes together to create an appeal that new items simply cannot achieve. By sourcing weathered stone or ceramic vessels like pots, vases or sculptures, we can add a historic element to an otherwise modern home. We simply love layering pieces from different time periods together!

2. Juxtapose Curvature & Carpentry With Modernism

Juxtapose modern dining room with antique or vintage elements
Image via Wit & Delight

Modern homes are filled with clean lines and clear surfaces—and while modernist spaces afford us the ability to keep our heads clear without stress-inducing clutter, it can sometimes get a little boring and one note. We love to spice up a modern design by incorporating antique or vintage pieces here and there to juxtapose the cleanliness of modern framework with the craftsmanship and allure of a detailed, timeworn piece. Juxtaposition is one of our absolute favorite design techniques here at East & Gray! It creates an exciting and thought-provoking element to a design in a way that almost no other technique can achieve in quite the same way.

3. Secondhand & Eco Conscious

Secondhand, eco-conscious bedroom by East & Gray Interiors
Image via East & Gray Interiors

Aside from the fact that scouring vintage stores for unique pieces is just plain old fun, it’s also better for the planet. And we jump for joy at that!! If you’ve checked out our Sustainable Design blog segment, you know all about how mass produced furniture that’s part of the “fast furniture” industry has many negative environmental implications. Sourcing vintage is a great way to furnish a home with the environment, and your own health and well-being in mind.

  • It keeps beautiful, well-made and fully functional pieces out of landfills. Just re-purpose and add them to your home where they’ll continue to be loved.
  • Purchasing a vintage piece means one less piece will be purchased new, which reduces demand for new mass produced furniture (mass production has harmful effects on both the planet, human working conditions, and your own health). 
  • In addition, many new furnishings are produced with harmful chemicals, known as VOCs, that are released into your home’s air through off-gassing. Breathing in these VOCs has been linked to a number of health problems and conditions

Never underestimate your purchasing power as an individual consumer! Small changes can help the planet along with your family’s health and wellbeing!

4. Artwork That Makes An Impact

Unique artwork and frames East and Gray Interiors picture wall
Image via East & Gray Interiors

One of the best places to find truly unique artwork and frames is through vintage shops. No matter what your budget may be, the pre-loved art scene never disappoints. You’ll be able to find oil paintings in gorgeous ornate frames for incredible prices, large scale prints to fill an empty wall, and crisp photographs to satisfy any taste.

5. Budget Conscious With No Shortage of Style

Budget conscious interior design East and Gray Interiors
Image via Haneen’s Heaven

Second-hand furniture, artwork, decor and home goods are always going to be priced cheaper than brand-new items of the same quality. But just because something was used by someone before you doesn’t mean it’s less valuable, oftentimes it’s the exact opposite. We suggest inspecting all vintage items prior to purchase to make sure they’re still in great shape; but if it looks good to you, you’re most likely getting a great deal, along with a spectacular piece of history. And who doesn’t love that?!

6. A Treasure That’s One-of-a-Kind

One-of-a-kind treasures East and Gray Interiors
Image via East & Gray Interiors

Cultivating uniqueness can seem impossible when it feels like every home interior on social media looks strikingly similar. That’s totally not our style! Your home is in essence a reflection of your being — your quirks, your interests, a glimpse into your heart. Sourcing one-of-a-kind treasures to call your own is one of the best ways to achieve this!
Whether it’s an ornate decanter and set of crystal glasses you feel in love with at a consignment store that you display proudly on open shelving and use when you get together with your girlfriends, or a weathered ceramic vase you’ll use year ‘round, finding pieces that reflect you can be incredibly rewarding and ensures your home isn’t a copy of someone else’s.

Have you shopped for vintage home items before? Let us know your favorite vintage spots by sending us a message here!

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