EGI Autumn ‘22 Seasonal Design Inspiration

Hallway with antique hutch cabinet designed through online design

A sophisticated space is one that considers many design elements and marries them together in a way that feels effortless. As we are spending more nights inside as the seasons change, it only felt natural to share our EGI autumn ‘22 seasonal design inspiration with all of you.

Keep reading to discover 5 ways interior designers are channeling the new season.

Distinguished Patterns

Image via Heidi Callier 

Single-tone rooms rarely feel lived-in, and if you know how we roll, making sure your home feels inviting and not too sterile is essential to a quality design. We never want a space to feel cold and unwelcoming, and a simple way to add that “come on in” energy is to infuse patterns into your space. We love darker wood pieces and rich hues, especially as the weather outside begins to cool.

For more inspiration, check out this shoppable, pattern-filled living room!

Vintage Pieces with Lived-In Character

NOTHING brings a room together more than a unique vintage piece. Aside from the quality craftsmanship, vintage furniture always has a striking element—carvings etched with care, eye-catching curves, unexpected elements like mirrors, intricate hinges, and even light fixtures—there’s always something to get excited about! And the best part is you’ll have something truly special, that no one else has.

Mood Lighting

Image via Lone Fox 

The appeal of cooler weather is its invitation to stay inside all evening spending quality time with loved one or indulging in your favorite pastime. When transitioning a room from summer to fall, think of how you can add layers of lighting that feel warm and cozy. We love candles on a coffee table, a vintage lamp cutting through the middle horizontal plane of the room, and a warm overhead light for nights when you need a little extra glow.

Boucle & Textural Elements

Image via Lulu & Georgia

Incorporating natural fabrics and upholstery with lots of texture adds depth, texture and cozy warmth to a room. Those chilly nights that autumn ushers in beg for textural elements like this. Which make all the difference in creating that inviting atmosphere. While bouclé naturally feels like a cooler-weather fabric, it’s also can feel light and bright in warmer months when chosen in a lighter color or a crisp white. This makes it a seasonless piece, so you can feel confident that the investment will serve you year ‘round. 

We also love to add in heavier-weight textiles like wool or alpaca throws and knit pillow covers to bring the space to the next level. 

Curves & Organic Elements

Antique dresser from the 1920s designed with virtual designer Andrea Durcik
Image via East & Gray Interiors

Curves help to visually soften a space, so we love to add them architecturally and in furnishings whenever possible. The beautiful curved mirror on this antique dresser makes an elegant statement in the room and draws the eye into the room. It’s details like these that make a room feel inviting and warm, making it irresistible to pass the room by! 

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