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When we think of minimalist design or an all-white-and-gray interior, we can’t help but…yawn. Your home is a reflection of you, and there’s definitely more to you than a few muted colors! Design is about self expression, memories, functionality and play! At East & Gray Interiors, we encourage our clients to identify and embrace their own style while showcasing their personality throughout the home…but how can we achieve this? 

Enter: Maximalism. In interior design, maximalism is about experimentation, thinking outside the box, and is born when we dive into a person’s creative vision and extract color, pattern, personal touches and timeless pieces to create a one-of-a-kind look that represents someone’s unique style. While we don’t want your home to be an overwhelming explosion of colors and patterns in every room that leave you feeling overwhelmed, there are many ways to add style and interest to your home using the principles of maximalism to create a personal, special design that’s all your own. 

If you’re ready to get some creativity flowing, keep reading to learn a few ways to incorporate maximalism into your home!

Showcase Collections, Heirlooms or Travel Treasures

Eclectic Victorian living room with hardwood floors interior design maximalist interior design East and Gray interiors
Source: East & Gray Interiors

We strongly believe that your most prized possessions can and should be incorporated into the rooms of your home to tell the story of you. We can take a painting from one of your travels and use it to help design an entire space, or even create a focal shelf or wall to showcase your most beloved books or other collections. It’s incredibly rewarding to approach design projects holistically to see what you already have and love and how these items can be incorporated into a final design.

Fall in Love with Pattern

maximalist interior design - pattern. East and Gray Interiors
Source: Cortney Bishop Design

Designers have been getting increasingly creative with pattern play, and we’re totally here for it. Through the use of wallpaper, custom upholstery, paint and stencils, and tile patterns can be brought into a room in many places. If you’re wanting to incorporate patterns but are feeling a bit unsure, we can add patterned accents like pillows, rugs or furniture to add unique colors and shapes in places where it can be easily replaced seasonally if you want to mix things up. 

Play with Color and Contrast

Color and Contrast Maximalist Interior Design East and Gray Interiors
Source: Hotelette

Don’t be afraid of color! Color adds life and visual interest to a room and has the power to invoke moods and feelings. We love moody, cozy colors for bedrooms or reading nooks and bright, playful colors in hallways and living rooms. 

Blend Old and New Pieces

Blending the old and new maximalist design East and Gray Interiors
Source: Luke Caldwell

Hold on! Don’t throw away that old vintage dresser from grandma…you’d be surprised at how beautifully old, heirloom pieces or vintage styles can blend seamlessly into modern decor. They add a homey, lived-in feel and preserve history and memories that you can carry with you for years to come.

Think Floor to Ceiling

Floor to Ceiling Maximalist Interior Design East and Gray Interiors
Source: Hither & Thither

Implementing architectural elements that effectively use space can add depth and create the illusion of a larger room. Floor to ceiling shelves draw the eye upward and give you all the more space to display your most prized possessions. No two bookshelves are ever the same, so we can really use this space to create a signature, one-of-a-kind look that showcases your personality and past. 

Pick A Small Space to Go Bold

Go bold in small spaces - maximalist interior design East and Gray Interiors
Source: Bobby via Instagram

Wanting to give maximalism a try but feeling a bit apprehensive about it? Our best advice is to pick a smaller room in your home to try a bold design. One of the best places to create a totally unique look is in a powder room! Whether it’s wallpaper patterns and mixed metals or a bold granite or marble sink, choosing to be adventurous in a smaller space is a great place to start. You’ll be surprised how starting small will give you the confidence to bring your bold, unique personality into other rooms of your home!

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