Interior Design Elements People Are Craving In 2021


Design is ever-changing, which is one of the many reasons we love working in interior design! We spend a lot of time paging through magazines and keeping up with the latest in the design world—and as the world itself shifts and changes, much like it has in the past two years, people’s needs and desires shift as well. 

Today, we’re sharing what we’ve found to be some of the biggest wants in the design world lately. With working from home and virtual learning scenarios becoming a norm for many, not to mention extra time to focus on hobbies or getting to know ourselves better, people are craving a shift in their home design to coincide with these life transitions. 

From the resurgence of the “less is more” mentality to the need for more nature indoors, keep reading to learn what people want from their homes in 2021.

Less, but Better

Buckeye Lake New Build Dining Room 2021 Interior Design Elements East & Gray Interiors
Image via East & Gray Interiors

As we all reflect on our consumption habits and strive to be more intentional in all aspects of our lives, we’re also reevaluating the stuff laying around the house, and whether or not it’s meaningful (thank you, Marie Kondo!) and functional. In a home redesign, people are leaning towards putting more money into higher quality items and skipping all the unnecessary fluff in between, like trendy knick knacks and cheap decor pieces. It’s now all about investing in those pieces that are essential to the efficient functioning of the household, and pieces that will hold up to heavy use and stand the test of time.

Creative Ways to Break Up with Open Floor Plans

Open floor plan design elements 2021 East and Gray Interiors
Image via Apartment Therapy

We all spent quite a bit more time in our homes in the past couple of years, and one thing people are craving is the need for more separation and privacy between rooms. There’s an undeniable gravitation towards floor plans that offer a bit more distance—from people and messes—from one room to another. 

Enter: separation. Think arched or ornate, tall entryways between rooms, sliding doors or bookshelves, glass walls for light to travel but sound to stay put, and even secret rooms that provide quiet, private spaces to unplug. 

Infusing Natural Elements Throughout the Home

Add natural elements to your home East and Gray Interiors 2021 interior design elements
Image via Lisa Staton

Homes should be a place to ground yourself after a long day, and creating an environment filled with natural elements from outside is a surefire way to build a zen place to relax and find some peace and solitude. Lately we’re loving wood accents and floors, linen and cotton textiles, and greenery (potted or just cut branches in vases). 

Interiors with a heavy emphasis on natural materials also tend to be timeless, so the up-front investment is absolutely worthwhile. Not to mention the well-studied fact that being surrounded by nature has a positive impact on people’s happiness and wellbeing. 

Infused with Personality

East and Gray Victorian living room utilizing sustainable design
Image via East & Gray Interiors

Our homes are a reflection of who we are, so most individuals feel that their interior shouldn’t look like a copy of someone else’s. People are finding creative ways to showcase their personality in home design, like hanging or displaying collections, painting a richly hued accent wall (which is one of the best ways to go bold), or thrifting and repurposing heirloom furniture or decor items. 

Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainable interior design East and Gray Interiors 2021 Interior Design Elements
Image via Anna Bode

More and more people are waking up to the climate crisis and realizing that their individual consumer behavior does make a collective impact on our planet. Designers are being challenged to find more sustainable alternatives to complete the job. Whether it’s choosing small-batch furniture producers instead of big box stores or sourcing ethical, naturally-derived textiles, people are prioritizing sustainability in their homes now more than ever.

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