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Assembling the “perfect” bed is one of the most elusive—yet fulfilling design projects (in our opinion). After all, we spend about ⅓ of our lives asleep! There is almost no better way to end the day than retreating to a bed that feels cozy, supportive, soft and relaxing. 

At East & Gray Interiors, we believe in creating beautiful spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable. One of the most important places to start is your bed. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of making an eco-friendly bed, complete with pillows, duvet, throw blanket, and pillow inserts. Plus, we’ll provide tips on how to style the perfect, cozy bed with sustainable and eco-friendly products, and with enough style variation to please any design eye.

Keep reading to discover how we create an eco-friendly bed that is as beautiful as it is inviting.

Materials Matter

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When it comes to creating an eco-friendly bed, the first place to start is by considering what materials are used in bedding. Polyester and synthetic fibers are a no-go for us because it’s much harder to know if they are truly non-toxic. Additionally, synthetic materials are much less breathable, pill more easily, can be staticky, and don’t provide that casual, lived-in look we all love in a cozy bed. 

Instead, look for bedding made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, or linen. These materials are not only more gentle on the planet than traditional cotton or polyester, but they are also breathable and soft, making for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

We recommend checking out brands like Coyuchi, Parachute and independent sellers on Etsy for sustainable and luxurious bedding options. 

Style Tip: For no-fuss bedding that always looks beautiful and relaxed, opt for a linen duvet cover and sheets. It’s one of the few materials that is meant to be wrinkly and messy and is one of the most sustainable fibers available on the market today! If you prefer a cleaner, more polished look, sateen or percale cotton weaves are great choices for both sheets and duvet covers. 

Choose Eco-Friendly Pillow Inserts

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When it comes to pillows, look for inserts made from eco-friendly materials such as kapok (a natural plant fiber), wool or organic cotton. These materials are sustainable and hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for anyone with allergies. 

Pro Tip: One thing to note about Kapok – while the material itself has very little environmental impact because it is made from seedpods of the Kapok tree, most of it is sourced from Indonesia. So you need to consider the environmental impact of shipping this material halfway across the world. Additionally, pillows made with this material are also very dense, which may be bothersome to some.

We recommend checking out brands like Holy Lamb Organics  Avocado, or Naturepedic for eco-friendly pillow inserts. If you love natural fibers like wool, make sure you do your research to ensure that the animals are treated well on the ranches. We love Holy Lamb Organics because they never harm sheep, and source wool from yearly “haircuts”. In between, they are well loved and live happily grazing on pastures outside! This is how it was meant to be!

Style Tips: To style your pillows, choose a mix of sizes and shapes, and arrange them in a way that feels cozy and inviting. 

  • For a queen size bed, we love to have 4 standard pillows, and  2-3 euro pillows with a bolster or body pillow.
  • For a king bed, we recommend having 4 standard pillows, and 3-4 euro pillows with a bolster or body pillow.  

These combinations provide height and shape variety which adds great visual interest, warmth and depth to the room. 

Generally, we like to keep the standard pillows classic by choosing a solid or lightly patterned print (think thin stripe or a muted check pattern) that ties in with the main bedding color. Then have fun with textures and bolder patterns on the accent Euro or bolster/lumbar pillows. But again, choose styles that speak to you!

Add a Cozy Duvet

Once you have your sustainable sheets and pillows in place, it’s time to add a cozy duvet insert and cover. Duvets are an essential element to make an eco-friendly bed. Look for duvet inserts that have an outer shell made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, linen, Tencel lyocell, hemp, or bamboo. And for the filling, look for ones made with organic cotton and bamboo lyocell or wool. We love the duvet inserts from Buffy, Ettitude and Coyuchi.

  • Buffy’s duvets are made from recycled materials, eucalyptus and hemp, and are hypoallergenic in addition to being affordable.
  • Ettitude’s duvets are made from 100% FSC-certified bamboo lyocell making them super breathable, soft and cool to the touch. And we love that they are made in a non-toxic closed-loop system where 98 % of the water that is used in production gets reused.
  • Coyuchi’s duvets are made from organic cotton and come in a variety of weights, so you can choose the perfect warmth level depending if you sleep hot or cold. Plus, Coyuchi uses only natural and non-toxic materials, ensuring a safe and healthy sleep environment. They’re definitely an investment, but with the proper care, they will last for decades!

For the duvet cover look for ones that are made from organic linen or cotton, percale cotton or hemp. Hemp covers will wrinkle a little less than traditional linen, but they still provide a look very similar to linen. This can be a good option for people who love the look of linen but hate the wrinkles. 

Some of our favorite duvet covers are made by Coyuchi, Parachute, Avacodo and The Citizenry.

Style Tip: To style your duvet, fold it in half at the foot of the bed for a casual and cozy look. Or, lay it out over the entirety of your bed and tuck it under your pillows for a more tailored look.

Have fun with pattern and print by finding a duvet cover with a unique design that speaks to your style. This will add visual interest and personality to your bed. If you prefer plain bedding but want to add some style, source a fun blanket or quilt to layer over the foot of the bed! 

Speaking of Blankets and Quilts…

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Another way to make an eco-friendly bed that you’ll love is to add a blanket or quilt. This is a simple way to add texture and warmth to your bed. Plus, you can easily change them out with the seasons to keep things fresh without having to overhaul your bedding each quarter. 

We love cotton and linen blankets in the warmer months, and often opt for wool or heavier knits when it’s cold out. 

Style Tips: To style your blanket or quilt, drape it over the foot of the bed or fold it in half and lay it across the bottom third of the bed. You can even double up on layering a quilt and blanket together at the foot of the bed to bring even more warmth and dimension to your room! If opting for layering these together, we recommend folding the quilt in half and laying it across the bottom third of the bed and then adding a blanket folded in thirds directly over the middle of the quilt. This will create a cozy and inviting look that is perfect for snuggling up on a chilly night. 

Don’t Forget the Details

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To truly make your bedroom feel like a cozy oasis, don’t forget to add thoughtful finishing touches that are a bit unexpected. Sourcing bedside tables that are made from wood, especially the kinds with a lot of natural texture or rounded edges, can take your bedroom to the next level. We also love to have fun with lamps, choosing stone, or ceramic bases and shades made from natural materials like rattan, cotton or linen.

You can also add some greenery to your bedside table, choosing plants that are easy to care for and don’t require a lot of water. Some of our favorites include snake plants, ferns, and ZZ plants, which are all great for purifying the air, too!

We know that pulling all of these elements together can be tricky, so reach out if you need assistance as you work to create the perfect bed. We are happy to help guide you through the many brands and options so you can feel better about these purchases!

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