How An Interior Designer Transitions The Home For Fall & Winter


Truthfully, we’re not ones for seasonal and holiday decorating. We don’t stack pumpkins down the front steps, and you won’t find paper mâché crafts of bats for Halloween or snowflakes for the Holidays throughout our homes. We focus on practical and sustainable design, and while we respect anyone who loves to add some festive vibes or seasonal pieces, it’s not quite our style.

During the transitional seasons of the year, you’ll instead find us tweaking homes in slightly different ways. Think: adding heavier knits to our bed to keep us warm or rethinking the function of rooms like entryways when we’ve got more layers to shed when coming indoors. We have a designer’s brain, after all, so if you’re hoping to rethink your home’s design for the next 6-8 months as the air gets chilly, we’re here to help!

Read along to hear how an interior designer transitions a home for colder temperatures. 

1. Retain Your Home’s Heat With Rugs & Runners

Fall and Winter Decor Rugs & Runner East and Gray Interiors
Image via Jamie Haller

If you err on the practical side when it comes to refreshing your home for a change in season, you’ll likely find success in adding entryway mats or runners to help retain heat. Since tile, cement, and hardwood floors tend to feel cold under bare feet in the fall and winter, adding a runner is an easy way to help provide some extra insulation and coziness while seamlessly infusing style inside or outside of your home.

Darker shades like charcoal, navy or deep browns help hide dirt and stains from messy shoes or paws, and jute is also a great option for high traffic areas. When selecting your rug, choose colors that complement the existing color palette of your home. When temperatures rise in the spring, wash and store your rugs for next year, or keep them out year ‘round!

Our Rug Picks:

  1. Savona Hand-Knotted Medallion Green/ Dark Gray
  2. Suzani Rug in Camel
  3. Vintage Style Rug in Grey & Stone

2. Rethink The Flow Of Entryways

Cold weather entryway decor East and Gray Interiors
Image via @amberinteriors on Instagram

A great designer always unifies beauty with function when executing each room. Entryways are notoriously tricky, and they become even more convoluted in the colder months when we’ve got lots of layers to shed. To keep items from piling up, rethink your entryways to be more conducive to storing things:

  • A beautiful coat rack can make a collection of outerwear look artistic! 
  • A simple stool or chair can be a lovely place for your work bag to rest.
  • Vintage chests can become unique catchalls for shoes, hats, and gloves. 

Play around with the layout once you’ve got the right pieces. Then add in some personality—a piece of art, seasonal greenery, a mirror for last minute makeup checks, or a lamp for quick access to lighting when you arrive home late. 

Our Entryway Picks:

  1. Belmont Storage Nightstand
  2. Brown Leather Cove Bench
  3. Curved Front Side Table

3. Less Daylight? Have Fun With Interior Lighting

Winter Decor Lighting East and Gray Interiors Dining Room
Image via East & Gray Interiors

Have you ever considered updating your home’s lighting to create an intentional vibe when the sun sets earlier? Layers of lighting can create an intimate environment in the home that makes those long dark nights feel amazing. 

Think beyond your overhead lights when you begin. Observe which areas of the home feel dim, and consider adding a lamp to add life to an otherwise forgotten corner. Vintage bulbs give a casual, warm glow that won’t overpower the room when turned on. Taper candles are also an excellent choice for creating light and warmth in the home, and can be a wonderful addition to a mantle or credenza. See if you can have each light source at a different height to create dimension—if you have a ceiling fan in the center of the room, consider adding a floor lamp in a dark corner, and a candle or table lamp on a lower surface, like a side table. 

Our Lighting Picks:

  1. Maggie Floor Lamp
  2. Tattoo Table Lamp
  3. Milos Decorative Candle Holder

4. Add Accessible Layers For Warmth

Warm your home with layers for the fall and winter East and Gray Interiors Bedroom
Image via East & Gray Interiors

Add comfort throughout the home with throws and pillows, because cold weather is lounging season! We love to add an artistic layer to the end of a bed for style where it can be easily accessed at night when you’re feeling cold. In the living room, we’ll often toss a faux fur or knit throw over the arm of the couch so that guests can easily grab it if necessary. Play with texture and color when selecting pieces, and don’t be afraid of pattern!

Our Throw & Pillow Picks:

  1. Pom Pom Knit Throw
  2. Donny Throw Pillow
  3. Reyti Throw Blanket

In need of a little sprucing up to go with the change of seasons? Check out our Simply Design Service!

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