East & Gray’s Not-so-Normal Gift Guide

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Gift Guides—and holiday shopping in general—has been feeling so blah for us lately! How can we show our loved ones we care without buying an overproduced, poor quality item that they may or may not even use!?? Well…this year we’re doing things differently with an East & Gray Not-so-Normal Gift Guide!

Our guide includes gifting alternatives and a few sustainable items that are actually worthy of wrapping to ensure a more joyous, intentional holiday gifting experience.

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Take A Glass Blowing Class Together

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A friend of mine mentioned that she gifted her parents a glass blowing class for the three of them last Christmas, and not only did they have an amazing time together, they each left with a beautiful, handmade piece to keep forever! Since the class, my friend has used her beautiful red cup as a vessel for homemade candles, and she enjoys using it almost daily as an evening unwind ritual. Now that is a great gift idea! 

Contribute A Favorite Dish (& Recipe Card) Instead of a Gift

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Everyone has been in a cooking rut at some point or another, so bringing a unique recipe to your next holiday gathering along with cute, handwritten recipe cards for each guest to take home is a lovely gift idea! A recipe card is also an excellent party favor if you’re hosting and want to send guests home with a thoughtful sentiment that isn’t wasteful. 

Opt for Timeless Gifts Made to Last a Lifetime

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If you’re leaning towards a physical gift that can be wrapped and placed under the tree, try to find items that are timeless, high-quality, ethically made and sourced, and are a little bit luxurious and indulgent. To us, that’s the recipe for a winning gift! Here are a few ideas that we recommend: 

Gifts that Won’t End Up in the Trash 

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Instead of guessing and trying to purchase something they *might* like or use, consider gifting experiences that align with their hobbies or interests! Here are some ideas:

What are your favorite not-so-normal gift ideas?

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