Beautiful & Sustainable Interiors To Experience On Your Next Vacation

Xigeria Safari Lodge Lobby Botswana Africa

What if vacation was not just a time to unplug from everyday life, but also an opportunity to connect with nature? It’s time to rethink your next getaway! From driving distance destinations to safari adventures abroad, we’ve found beautiful and sustainable interiors to visit that everyone will love. 

In addition to finding destinations that are stunningly designed on the inside, it was important for us to find places that are committed to providing guests with a luxurious escape that never sacrifices sustainability. We were in awe of the creative ways that each of these locations have cut back on their carbon footprint, while providing an escape for guests to slow down and reconnect with nature.

Discover our roundup of beautiful, sustainable interiors to experience on your next vacation!

Crockett’s Run in Hocking Hills, Ohio

Image via Crockett’s Run

Your vacation doesn’t need to cost a fortune to be meaningful and memorable. Plus, cutting down on distance traveled to your vacation greatly reduces your carbon footprint! One of our team members spent a long weekend in the woods at Crockett’s Run and had an absolute blast. She even had the opportunity to meet with one of the co-owners to learn more about the property.. 

The campground was specifically built with sustainability in mind, the rooms thoughtfully curated to feel woodsy and natural, and the campgrounds were very well kept with an emphasis on the surrounding nature.

Additional Sustainability Efforts:  

  • Reusable mugs in each cabin – no single use plastic products
  • Eco-friendly mattresses and linens
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic bath and cleaning products
  • One water source to encourage guests to be conscious of their water consumption
  • Environment emphasizes a technology-free, simple lifestyle with minimal electricity available

Choose from tents (first image) or bunkies (bottom left) based on your preferred camping style, although both options are charming and cozy in their own way. To kick things up a notch, coordinate dates with other friends or family members so that you can enjoy the shared campground with loved ones, but booking your own stay works just as well!

Enjoy on-site hiking trails, campfires, barbecues, and quiet time in the thick forest. It’s the perfect way to reconnect with nature over a long weekend, or enjoy a budget-friendly week away with a loved one or group. 

Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn, New York

Images via Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Although big cities aren’t the most eco-friendly and nature-infused destinations for a getaway, they’re absolutely chalk full of culture, incredible cuisine and history. If visiting a big city is on your radar, prioritize staying in a hotel that is committed to reducing its environmental impact. 

We’re big fans of the acclaimed Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Located on the East River in Brooklyn with a stunning view of the city skyline and luxurious amenities to boot, it feels like a lavish getaway. Plus, the interior design is stunning!!

The hotel is well known for its sustainability efforts. It was designed and furnished with a heavy emphasis on reclaimed materials, and the designers committed to using local foliage and live greenery throughout the property, even in the guest rooms. Upon entry, guests are greeted with a 25-foot living plant wall, a stunning preview that makes each additional encounter with live foliage all the more delightful.

Additional Sustainability Efforts

  • Low-energy LED light bulbs used throughout the hotel
  • Hotel purchases carbon offsets to reduce operational footprint
  • Rooms are furnished with organic cotton mattresses and sheets
  • Hotel cuisine is farm-to-table from local Brooklyn purveyors
  • Offers holistic, nature-inspired spa treatments

The Ranch at Laguna Beach, California

Images via The Ranch at Laguna Beach on Instagram

Next time you visit a beach, consider traveling to a marine-protected and regulated area of the coast. The Marine Protection Area Network in California exists to protect the natural marine heritage of California’s beaches by establishing a statewide network of marine protected areas (MPAs)  that are managed by the organization to ensure natural abundance and diversity of all marine life. 

MPAs follow strict protocol with varied amounts of allowed and prohibited activities by individuals and businesses to conserve biological diversity and the existing natural environment. 

A wonderful destination for a sustainable beach vacation is The Ranch at Laguna Beach, located at one of the most well known MPAs in the state of California. This luxury, private resort aims to blend in seamlessly with its surrounding natural environment (a “peaceful blend of canyon and sea”) and provides private beach access for guests as well.

Enjoy the fruits of the resort’s organic gardens at each meal, stroll the grounds to get a glimpse of local wildlife, and enjoy stunning sunset views on the beach.

Additional Sustainability Efforts

  • Beyond Green Certified
  • Composts on-site food waste to use in the property’s organic gardens
  • Guest room keys are made of bamboo and wood to replace traditional single use plastic room keys
  • Provides Earth-friendly bath products

Xigeria Safari Lodge in Botswana

Images via Xigeria Safari Lodge

Break out of your comfort zone and dive into the enchanting wildlife and breathtaking nature that Botswana, Africa has to offer. Explore the plains, gaze at the animals, and enjoy time in the thick forests. In our opinion, there is simply no better place on Earth!

The Xigeria Safari Lodge in Botswana is both an oasis in itself and a gateway into exploring the beautiful terrain. The Lodge is committed to preserving the delicate environment and blossoming wildlife through its efforts to be as eco-friendly as possible. We learned that the majority of the lodge’s energy needs are supplied by solar power, which also powers the vehicles used in terrain rides for guests! 

Additional Sustainability Efforts

  • Has eliminated on-site single use plastic
  • Has partnered with Wild Entrust Africa, a local non-profit organization that focuses on conservation and management of the surrounding habitats and wildlife through sustainable development, education and applied science.
  • Over 90% of the furniture and art found throughout the lodge are sourced from local artisans that hand-make goods in Africa. 

We hope these beautiful, sustainable vacation destinations will inspire your next trip! 

If you’ve stayed, or are planning to stay in a wonderful eco-friendly resort or hotel, we’d love to hear about it and add it to our list! Contact us here.

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