6 Ways to Add Personality and Warmth to Your Home

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Sometimes even the smallest, most thoughtful details make the biggest impact in changing up your space. Lately, we’ve been cocooned in our living rooms for long, cozy evenings, and all the while, we’ve been reflecting on what really brings that feeling of warmth to a home. Enter: 6 ways to add personality and warmth to your home. 

And don’t worry, we kept this list simple so you don’t have to break the bank or do a full room-to-room overhaul to get that perfectly designed aesthetic you’re after for the winter months!

Keep reading to discover 6 ways to add personality and warmth to your home.

1. Warm, Layered Lighting

A true design faux pas is turning on bright overhead lights in the evening! Interior designers carefully consider the lighting when designing each room to ensure that the vibe is just right! When assessing your home, see if you can add 3 different lighting layers at varying heights using lamps, sconces and pendants with warm bulbs to soften and warm up your space.

2. Chocolate-y Wood Accents

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Certain materials feel undeniably warm—dark, rich wood pieces, knit fabrics, and matte surfaces—while other materials feel cool—marble and stone, linen, and glass. When considering your space for winter, lean into accents with warmer attributes. Our favorite lately is chocolate-y brown wood pieces, especially as a coffee table tray, lamp or an accent chair.

3. Woven, Patterned Pieces

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We love rich knits and patterns, especially in the colder months! Choose throw pillows with a jacquard weave, patterned cotton or wool throw blankets, and even art that incorporates these elements!

For a deeper dive into patterns, check out this post!

4. Candles of Any & All Kinds 

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If you don’t have a fireplace, lean into the flicker of candlelight to warm up your home. We love soy  candles around our homes! Look for 100% soy wax to ensure you’re not emitting harmful chemicals into the air inside. 

5. Cushioned Rug Pads

Image via Front + Main 

We have a little secret to making any carpet feel instantly more luxurious, cozy and warm. Layer a thick, soft rug pad underneath, and enjoy the soft step every time you walk across or sit on your rug! 

Pro tip!: This is one of our favorite rug pads.

6. Rituals & Good Company 

Image via La Crema 

Whether it’s your favorite television series, a gathering of close friends, or even a homemade bowl of soup, being in good company with something or someone that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling makes all the difference in your home. So cue up the invites and enjoy hosting loved ones in your home!

Need some help creating warmth in your home during the cold months? Book a complimentary Discovery Call and let’s chat!

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