5 Statement Bathrooms With Their Own Unique Spin

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A substantial bathroom remodel can do wonders for the home. Whether your tastes have changed and you’re craving a refresh, or your dated, falling-apart bathroom needs a total overhaul, we’ve got your back!

To help you get inspired, we’ve rounded up five statement bathrooms with their own unique spin. From eye-catching wallpaper to bright, light-filled designs, there’s sure to be something that speaks to your own tastes! Hopefully some of these designs will encourage you to dream big and create a bathroom that you’ll love for years to come. One that expresses all your wonderful uniqueness and personality.

Keep reading to discover five statement bathroom designs with their own unique spin.

Colorblocked Walls In Timeless Hues

Hunter Green Color Block Bathroom Walls
Image via Lone Fox

Smaller rooms beg for more style to make them feel cozy and chic. Color blocking walls with rich hues gives a bathroom warmth and style and can be used to tie the home’s overall design into the bathroom in a more forward way. Whether you choose to do a rich statement wall or color blocked paneling (as pictured above), a healthy dose of color never disappoints.

Plus, if you ever find yourself getting tired of the bold color, simply paint over it with something new, or opt to go neutral. 

Pretty Wallpaper

Image via East & Gray Interiors

Diving into the world of wallpaper is one of our favorite pastimes! It’s an absolute joy to discover endless patterns from designers all over the world. Wallpaper is one of the most cost effective ways to add visual interest and depth to a small room, and we encourage clients to go bold with their chosen design, especially in a small powder room remodel!

Pro Tip: If you’ve always wanted to incorporate bold design into your home to showcase your personality and style, but are afraid to take the plunge, start in a small room. A powder room or full bath is a wonderful place to dip your toes in! These smaller projects help you gain the confidence and urge to start carrying these statements to the rest of your home. Life is short—you deserve to have a home that lights you up everyday!! 

Let The Light In

Natural Light Master Bathroom Remodel by East and Gray Interiors | Columbus, Ohio
Image via East & Gray Interiors

Incorporating glass walls around the shower or tub and leaning into large windows can do wonders to open up the room to as much natural light as possible. Bright natural light is one of the best design elements in any home, especially since window technology has come a long way to allow large panes without the risk of losing heat in the winter. 

Glass shower walls also give the room an open feel, which is a wonderful hack for small bathrooms where squeezing in a shower is necessary albeit tight. 

Add Oomph With Tiles 

Bold Green Shower Tiles
Image via Casa de Valentina

You may be inclined to think that statement or bold tiling means your bathroom will go out of style, but that’s not the case in the hands of a skilled designer. Rich hues and certain patterns can absolutely be timeless! The key is to pack the punch with bold tiling (either for the shower, floors, or both) and keep the rest of the bathroom’s features simple and clean. 

Clean Lines & Organic Touches

Clean Lines Bathroom Remodel
Image via Northern Styling

If your style is minimal, modern, or nature-focused, you’ll love a bathroom that pulls earth tones together using different materials. We love to add wooden accents to minimally designed spaces, infuse a healthy dose of greenery with plants, and incorporate luxurious marble, stone or brass to tie it all together. The result is an effortless cohesion in these simple spaces that lets nature’s beauty shine through. Plus, most of these items are sustainable and eco-friendly! For more bathroom inspiration click here.

Starting your own bathroom renovation, but you’re not sure where to start? Book a complimentary Discovery Call to learn how we can help create the bathroom you’ve always desired!

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